Friday, April 22, 2016

Sigma 20MM F/1.4 DG ART Review

Sigma 20MM F/1.4 DG ART Review. Sigma presents a 20mm lens with a wide aperture. Sigma has several times released for a lens with a wide aperture for example 18-35mm f / 1.8 ART and 50-100mm f / 1.8 for the APS-C; 24-35mm f2 for full frame. Sigma 20mm F / 1.4 DG lens ART is becoming an alternative lens Zeiss Distagon 2.8 / 21mm. I was just giving the conclusions of the review canonrummors.

Class leading maximum aperture for the 20mm focal length
Class leading resolution for the focal length (particularly in the center)
Good flare resistance
Good color rendition
Good build quality
Chromatic abberations well controlled
Autofocus is quick in most situations
Good flare resistance
Nice sunstars
Reasonable price when compared to competitors
Includes a padded case

Disappointing coma performance
Lacks weather sealing of any kind
Curved front element precludes the use of traditional filters
Fixed lens hood means bulky lens cap
Largest and heaviest lens of class
Not as wide as other 20mm options
Heavy vignette

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